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Philip Stein Active
Philip Stein Active
PRICE: $259.00
Philip Stein Teslar Mini
Philip Stein Teslar Mini
PRICE: $289.00
Philip Stein Teslar Mini
Philip Stein Teslar Mini
PRICE: $259.00
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About Fake Philip Stein Watches

Philip Stein maintains a unique vision for a watch company - to produce watches that not only keep time with aesthetic appeal, but also benefit the overall well-being of the wearer. The company launched in 2002 based on this concept, incorporating "Natural Frequency Technology" into their watches in order to promote relaxation and improved sleep quality. This patented technology is clinically proven to improve the quality of the wearer's sleep. The watches emit frequencies that occur in nature, producing electromagnetic fields (EMF) that have positive effects on the body. Physical therapists have relied on EMF for decades, using biofeedback to promote relaxation and healing. Within a year of opening, Philip Stein caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, and the watches were featured on "Oprah's Favorite Things." Since that time, Philip Stein has become a well-known and highly reputed brand. With their distinctive dual-time dials, interchangeable straps and health benefits, Philip Steins are definitely not your average watches.

World of Watches introduces you to luxurious, health-promoting Philip Stein Watches. Founded in 2002, Philip Stein is the brainchild of an expert watchmaker and businessman who together wished to harness the power of the Earth natural frequency in a luxury watch. Borne from that vision is an extraordinary timepiece brand that has been earning rave reviews not only for its health benefits but also its unique modeling and stylish appearance. Philip Stein proprietary technology is embedded into a metal disk within each watch, matching the natural frequency of the Earth and promoting a positive mood balance that helps the body relax and feel at ease. Even better, Philip Stein watches are available at World of Watches at incredible prices, putting your wallet at ease as well.